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Hello and welcome. I am Josephina Beckers and I am the owner & founder of Soul Massage Clinic in Brisbane (West End). I am a dedicated, focused and passionate art psychotherapist, counsellor, kahuna massage therapist/bodyworker and facilitator, spiritually open, loving and deeply connected with nature. My work is all about finding balance between Body, Mind and Soul on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

My Therapies & Workshops in my Clinic in Brisbane (West End):

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My life’s experiences have taught me much about myself. My studies have given me a theoretical understanding of life’s teachings, which allows me to use evidence based practice in my work with you.

I can help you to look at yourself in a non-threatening way, using integrative Massage Therapies, Art Psychotherapy, Counselling skills, Mindfulness practice, Psychosomatic Therapy. In short: Soul Massage. Massage means to knead, to push and to pull, to touch and to feel. Together we’re looking at touching and feeling your Soul, kneading it, bringing movement in it, sometimes giving it a bit of a push or pulling it back. Whatever you need at this moment in time.

I believe in your capacity to be the person you want to be, I believe in your inner strength and that I can be of service to look together at how you can use your inner resources. But most of all, I can reflect back to you the wonderful and magnificent soul that you are.

My commitment is to offer you therapies which encourage your well-being and holistic healing.

– In every moment of your life, you create the direction and content of every moment of your life –

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